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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that no matter what your own personal goals are, musical instruction provides an unparalleled foundation for developing the tools needed to become your best self. Through music study, we build our skills in problem-solving, teamwork, stress-management, communication, decision-making, and organization, as well as learn the values of hard work, determination, perseverance, respect, and open-mindedness

I treat each student as a unique individual and work to build a relationship with them that allows me to provide the most effective guidance possible. Whether a student is an absolute beginner who has yet to put their instrument together for the first time or someone who has been playing for decades, my passion comes from taking the student exactly as they are and helping them blossom into the beautiful, confident musicians and music lovers they want to become. 

I consider a solid command of fundamentals, keen listening skills, and an inquisitive mind the keys to artistic excellence. Intensive work on posture, breathing, technical exercises, tonal evolution, and style cultivate the high level of musical self-awareness needed to plant the seeds for a distinctive musical voice to blossom. I work with each student to uncover their innate interpretive instincts and utilize them to their fullest potential.

As a Colburn School Teaching Fellow, I studied extensively under Dr. Robert Duke, the current Head of Music and Human Learning at The University of Texas at Austin. Through this work, I have substantial knowledge on how the brain learns and use proven techniques that permit for the fastest development and retention of musical prowess.

I aim to spread my love of high level music making through artistic excellence, technical mastery, and curiosity to all of my students so that they can color their lives with the wonderful gift of music in any way they so choose.